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program is developed by the Sigma Beta Phi Sorority Inc., (ΣΒΦ), This program is aimed to encourage a healthy livelihood through dance and mentorship.


Our Vision:

“Step by step each girl has the potential to achieve; sometimes all they need is the right tools and a little bit of support too – step it up  !”


Our Mission:

"To provide a free, bilingual, extracurricular, dance and mentorship-based program for young girls of high school. Also to encourage self-confidence, leadership, healthy livelihood and sisterhood"


This program will encourage a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally by providing these girls the opportunity to be physically active, meet new role models at different walks of life, as well as explore their strengths, insecurities, and goals in a safe, bilingual and open-minded environment. This program takes place after school hours and is designed as a supervised student self-help group.



 Throughout the program, the Step Up Facilitators and Youth Mentors present 10 themes to the participants. Each week, the themes would involve physical activity (through step), a thematic discussion, a hands-on activity, and either a guest speaker or a field trip.


What you can do:

If you are interested in being a part of THE STEP UP PROGRAM, you can help us by providing curriculum and program development ideas, giving endorsements, donations, being a guest speaker during our program sessions, and participating in our community and fundraising events.

Step It Up!

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